December 5, 2012

You Get The Picture: A rewarding experience

By Magen McCrarey
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Over the weekend I swiftly swept the mounds of pine cones and needles that have accumulated over the years upon the aging timber of Mrs. Huff’s back porch.

With every sweeping motion, the cool December air brushed through the strands of my bone straight hair and the scent of rain breathed life into my senses.  While completing the tedious task of coaxing every minute pine needle off the edge of the deck, the wind labored against me. 

I gave up on perfection and laid the broom to rest.  I never noticed how great the view was from the second story of the home upon the hill.  A cluster of grand eastern white pines met me at the edge of the deck, its wiry branches reaching out into the horizon. 

I stood frozen like a statue gazing out at the view of a miniature London, cars bustling up and down Main street, church steeples poking up towards to heavens and a homes settled in side-by-side like an inviting Christmas village. 

I began to hear a pileated woodpecker, battering his red-head upon a nearby tree, sparrows twittering from branch to branch upon the pines and caught a glimpse of a dashing scarlet-hued cardinal parading across the lawn below.

It’s been months since I’ve ventured out into nature, but I didn’t have to go far for this inspiring encounter.  It was as if I’d discovered the door to C.S. Lewis’ enchanting Narnia, minus the talking lions and evil witch of course. 

Now that the porch has been cleared I feel as if I’ve given it new ,life, and I believe that I’ll be stepping out onto it more often for a change in perspective, even as the cool December air becomes frosty. 

Sometimes our labors can become rewarding, especially when they take you places you never expected--even if it’s a back porch in the heart of London.