October 2, 2012

My Point Is...Fall will leave swiftly

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — The World Chicken Festival is now another dot in history, the NFL referee strike is over, and life as we know it may soon be back to its ‘normal’ progression from summer to fall.

The autumn season brings cooler temperatures to a scorching summer of 2012, complete with a drought that will inevitably drive grocery prices even higher over the next few months. Gas prices continue to fluctuate, dropping a few cents and then increasing a few more cents than it was before the price drop.

Farmers fortunate to salvage some garden goods may fare a bit better than those totally dependent on grocery store produce although many lost much of their crops to dry weather, burning up in summer’s hot sun. Others lost garden goods to starving woodland creatures who took advantage of human efforts to fill their own belly.

The arrival of October signals the beginning of the end of mowing and weed eating for many, with the lawns, awnings and porches adorned with orange, red, and yellow wreaths and Halloween decorations that mark the end of summer and the onslaught of the fall season.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, when neatly manicured lawns become a kaleidoscope of colored fallen leaves and the hillsides blaze with red, orange and yellow leaves blending in with the evergreen tree varieties that make the south such a vivid strand of color each year.

Gardens overgrown with weeds are leveled and sometimes plowed, allowing the minerals to decay and enrich the soil for another hopeful gardening season a few months away.

Seasonal plants disappear into the ground, dormant and waiting for spring when they burst from the ground and return green to the gray of winter. Fall plants boast their colorful hues until the winter, when the white of frost and snow are the dominant color.

Fall is a time when we can bask in the glory of nature, studying the changes in our world as it transforms into the later part of yet another year that sometimes goes by too swiftly. It is a time that we can look back on the spring and summer and realize what we have not accomplished and celebrate what we have. It is a time to reminisce on the past, enjoy the present and look to the future.

While we hustle and bustle with our busy lives, let’s take a moment to look around us and realize all the bountiful blessings and wonders of our lives and our world. We owe that to ourselves.