April 8, 2014

My Point Is... The Spring of my Discontent

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Perhaps it is because this winter has lingered much too long.

It could be blamed on the local election season.

Or, it could be because I’m getting older and rehashing all those lessons learned during my youth.

However, my thoughts have been dominated over the past several months about the state of our nation.

I consider myself patriotic and loyal to my country. But I am unhappy with the direction our government leaders are taking.

The troubles of the world are burdens on my heart. Random shootings of innocent people by mentally disturbed or irate persons threaten the 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms. The natural resources of this country have been sliced up thinner than a garden tomato and our ozone has dissipated by pollutants.

We send our jobs to other lands, then wonder why unemployment rates skyrocket. We provide free housing, food and medical coverage, monthly government checks and disability checks to healthy people or families with multiple children they cannot support — and wonder why they won’t work. Children go hungry and without decent clothing while the government benefits received on their behalf are spent or traded for drugs or alcohol. Millions of working Americans live under the national poverty level and struggle with increasing costs and more and more taxes.

It is politically incorrect to identify yourself as a believer in God, but we must respect and recognize every other religion. Same sex marriages must be legally acknowledged, so says the federal government, even in states which oppose it.

Schools and other government regulated businesses toss out tons of food each day rather than donating the excess to homeless shelters or churches that provide relief the government doesn’t.

Criminals are set free to commit more and similar crimes, while their victims must “move past” their grief or loss. State attorneys who prosecute criminals scrape by on minimal salaries while private criminal attorneys pad their pockets with fees for every court appearance or service rendered on behalf of their client.

It is a sad time for a country that has become so liberal that it can no longer distinguish its own identity.

Rome, one of the greatest empires of the world, fell from within. It is sad to say that the foundation of the America is following suit in a rapid manner.