October 21, 2013

Points East: Woolies show mixed reports about winter weather

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Early last Friday afternoon I decided to walk from my house down to the Friends of Paint Lick building.  My truck battery was dead. Loretta was already there with several other women getting ready for our Village fest and I felt an urgent need to go down and get in their way for a while.

Chris offered to drive me down and Lo even offered to come and get me but it’s only two flat miles.  I figured the exercise would do me good and that I probably wouldn’t get lost along the way. 

I also figured that I might run into some members of the National Association of Wooly Worm Winter Weather Watchers (NAWWWWW) along the way.   

News reporters have been hounding me about the NAWWWWW forecast for the winter of 2013-14 since before Labor Day.  I’ve actually done interviews with The Courier Journal, The Paducah Sun, Associated Press and a television station in Indianapolis. 

But I’ve been hedging my bets with the big city press because something is going on with NAWWWWW that I’m not sure I understand.  In the first place, the Woolies did start crawling across the road several weeks earlier than normal this year.  In the second place, there is absolutely no consistency in what they have to say about the coming weather.    

I started regularly encountering members of NAWWWW on evening walks as early as late August.  At first I attributed this untimely behavior to the fact that we’ve had more cool nights this summer than I can ever remember during what is supposed to be the hottest time of the year.  I also figured that might have been flooded out of the rock walls, abandoned barns and sheds and other places where they stay cool and hidden during summertime.

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