April 25, 2014

Family dispute ends in arrests

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer


A domestic dispute that involved three family members ended with two people being taken into custody.

The arrests came after Laurel County Sheriff’s Deputies Larry Parrott and Robbie Grimes went to Rita Lane, 11 miles south of London, on Saturday night to answer a complaint of a disturbance at a residence.

When deputies arrived, they learned that a woman was trying to remove her belongings from the residence she shared with her father. The man — 45-year-old David Hubbard — was reportedly cursing the woman and grabbing things as she tried to load them in her vehicle. Hubbard promised deputies he would allow the woman to leave with no disturbance.

However, just two minutes after they left the scene, they were called back, and could hear an argument as they arrived again at the residence. This time the argument included another of Hubbard’s daughters who was allegedly cursing her sister who was trying to move out. Since their return indicated the situation would not be resolved peacefully and could escalate into a physical domestic violence situation, Hubbard and the other daughter, 26-year-old Amanda Rader, were both arrested.

Hubbard was charged with second-degree disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication after admitting he had taken pills earlier in the day. Rader was charged with second-degree disorderly conduct.