October 10, 2012

Sheriff's officials net numerous arrests during WCF

Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — During the World Chicken Festival on Friday, Sept. 28 and Saturday, Sept. 29, special detail deputies with the Laurel County Sheriff's Office, working in plain clothes, made more than 30 contacts with suspicious persons, broke up numerous fights and made 15 arrests with charges including disorderly conduct, public intoxication, alcohol intoxication, warrant service and possession of a controlled substance.  

The festival detail, which was set up by Sheriff John Root, focused on the increase of public safety, drug related complaints, surveillance of possible high drug traffic areas, warrant service, drug use, suspicious persons, hand to hand transactions and obvious intoxicated persons within the festival area.

“This is the largest yearly event in the county and we wanted to provide a special service to our citizens and guests during this time,” Root said.

The festival detail is one of numerous special details currently being conducted by the sheriffs office under their new policy directive titled "R.I.P.T.I.De,"  which stands for "Results in Policing Through Interdiction Details."

This policy directive allows deputies to plan department operations which targets criminal activity with the intent to confront and halt and or to prohibit or place under legal sanction said illegal activities.  

“This policy will further allow our deputies to increase the intensity of our War on Drugs campaign and give the citizens the results they deserve,” Root said.

Deputies working and assisting with the detail were Detective Brad Mitchell, Deputy Steve Hoskins, Deputy Kirk Mays, Deputy Greg Turner, Detective Jason Back, Deputy William Harris, Deputy James Sizemore, Deputy John Inman, Root, and Chief Deputy Eddy Sizemore.  Deputies working the detail were supervised by Lt. Rodney Van Zant.