May 21, 2013

Suspicious activity at cell phone tower sites

$500 reward for information

By Carol Mills
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — London Police Department is asking for public support in locating two individuals and a vehicle. Cumberland Valley Crime Stopper is offering a $500 reward for information.

 On May 1 around 9:30 p.m. a dark colored, four-door vehicle, pulled  into property at West 13th Street, which is a dead end. Video surveillance shows the vehicle stopping at cell phone tower site No. 1.  An unknown person exited the vehicle and walked into the darkness at the tower site. Minutes later, it appeared the person returned to the vehicle and proceeded to cell phone tower site No. 2, also at the end of the dead end street.

 Video surveillance shows a male, a female and small child exiting the vehicle. The male looks around the area before attempting to enter the fenced compound. Unable to squeeze between the gates by himself, the male was joined by the female in puling on the gates until the male could crawl into the compound. The small child watched the crime take place.

 The male shown on the video appears to be approximately 6’2” tall, large build, short hair with a receding hairline, and has tattoos on both arms. The left arm tattoo is to the upper shoulder area; the right arm has tattoos appearing down the outside of the forearm and a darker tattoo to the inside just above the wrist.

 The male entered into the communications shelter belonging to Sprint/Nextel. The male was in and out multiple times before finally leaving the tower site. Video shows the male actually taking pictures of the door. Investigators believe the pictures are for his knowledge of gaining access at other locations.

 Video shows the trunk was open when pulling from tower 1 to tower 2.  Damage was done to the fence upon his exiting the compound.

 The vehicle is a dark four-door sedan with a light colored (gray or silver) strip along the rocker panel. It appears the strip is wider along the very back of the car. It also appears to have a light colored lower front air dam/spoiler as well as a lighter colored driver’s door. The vehicle has a third brake light.

 London Police Detective Joe Smith continues the investigation.  

 If you have any information on the whereabouts of the man, woman and their vehicle, contact London City Police at 606-878-7004 or Cumberland Valley Crime Stoppers at 606-878-CRIM and remain anonymous.