August 22, 2013

Three indicted for assistance fraud

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Persons who receive government assistance are required to complete an application to determine their eligibility for benefits. For those who fail to report changes that might affect their eligibility, penalties can be imposed.

Three people who failed to follow those guidelines were indicted on Program Assistance Fraud, totaling over $100,000 in benefits.

• Lori Mink, 44, of 100 Taylor Road in London, allegedly received $12,060 in food stamps from July 2008 and January 2010 through Feb. 2012 for which she was not entitled had she reported a change in factors affecting her eligibility. Mink is also charged with failing to report changes from Feb. 1, 2010 to March 31, 2012 in Laurel County that would affect her Medicaid eligibility, totaling to $28,251.07

• Melva D. Moore, 56, also known as Melva Smith, of 102 Abigail Place in London, was indicted for program assistance fraud for allegedly taking $3,043 in SNAP (food stamp) benefits between Aug. 2009 through July 2012. The indictment states Moore did not report changes that would have affected her eligibility to draw those benefits. She is also charged with obtaining $56,990.84 of benefits through Medicaid to which she was not entitled, according to the guidelines for government assistance.

• Andrea E. Wilkerson, 26, of 94 McNew Lane in Lily, is charged with obtaining $8,151 in food stamp benefits between March 2011 and March 2013. Wilkerson allegedly failed to report a change in factors that affected her eligibility.

An indictment is an accusation only and does not indicate guilt or innocence.