April 30, 2013

Possible phone scam; two arrested on morphine charges

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — While phone scams continue to plague the people of the community, the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens of the newest scam occurring throughout the county.

An individual contacted the Sheriff’s Office earlier this week, after he had been contacted by someone claiming to represent a local electric company. The caller told the man that his service was about to be disconnected and asked for the man’s name and social security number.

The man suspected something was not right about the call and refused to give out personal information to the caller. However, he checked the caller ID on his phone and recorded the number as 1-888-759-6056. A call to that number was listed as Southern California, but personnel at that number denied making such a call.

The man then contacted his local electric company and was told that no such calls had been made from their offices.

Laurel County Sheriff’s Deputy and Public Affairs Officer Gilbert Acciardo said that under no circumstances should anyone give personal information over the phone, especially if they were not familiar with the number. Acciardo said phone scams have been commonplace throughout the county, usually targeting the elderly.

“The most common phone scam we hear is that you’ve won a sweepstakes and need to send money through Western Union to claim the prize,” Acciardo said.

“If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” Acciardo said. “No one should have to send money to claim a prize and no one should ever give personal information over the phone.”

Many of those calls are later re-routed to off-shore areas and are being routed through the United States.

Acciardo said citizens should obtain the phone number of the caller when such calls are received, most of which show up on Caller ID.

“If you don’t have Caller ID, you might consider getting it,” Acciardo said. “But never, ever, ever give out personal information over the phone.”

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