January 9, 2014

Ageless Medical provides diet plan and advice tailored to each individual

By R. Scott Belzer
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Earlier this year, London resident Amey Geoghegan was having weight-related health problems. Her cholesterol was high, her blood pressure was through the roof, and her knees were suffering from joint pain. She weighed 212 pounds.

Geoghegan tried everything, from Weight Watchers to gym memberships. A little weight would be lost here, another pound or two there, but nothing really seemed to stick. The programs never worked for Geoghegan and she needed a change.

“My health was gradually sending signs that something needed to be done,” she said. “I needed to lose weight.”

Luckily, an answer arrived via television and an acquaintance. She saw a commercial for Ageless Medical Center Weight Loss and Medspa and became immediately intrigued. A family friend, Konnie Snyder, was also using the program and showing tremendous results. Geoghegan decided to give it a try.

Like anyone, Geoghegan was apprehensive. She had been through this before with disappointing results. However, after the staff took her measurements and administered an EKG test, she noticed how positive, supportive and helpful they were. She knew she had come to the right place.

Ageless Medical soon gave her a strict diet regimen – made up of protein shakes and bars – along with counting calories and recording what you eat.

“You drink a shake and a protein bar every three hours, and you get to eat a meal at the end of the day,” Geoghegan said. “You’re not really hungry after that.”

In her first week, Geoghegan lost six pounds. The next week, she lost four pounds. She found that if she obeyed their simple diet plan and advice, she could gradually drop weight. Her progress even prompted her to take up various exercises.

“I bought a treadmill, an ab stretcher and weights in August and September,” Geoghegan said. “It helped the process even more. It’s a gradual thing, I’d drop maybe two pounds a week, a pound a week, sometimes nothing.”

It’s been six months and Geoghegan has lost 53 pounds. She’s slimmer, more fit, and, best of all, feels like a brand new person.

“I feel really good. This came at the right time in my life, at a point where I needed it,” Geoghegan said. “And I’ve always been heavy. It’s a mental thing for me to get used to not being heavy anymore. I’m still trying to get used to it.”

Natalie Jensen, co-owner of Ageless Medical Center and Medspa in London, said they’ve helped more than 600 clients lose over 100,000 pounds combined since they open in Feb. 2011.

“That’s what sets us apart from other services,” Jensen said. “We talk to our clients on a personal level. We do one-on-one counseling to make sure every program is tailored to the individual. We talk to people who are struggling – people whose first impulse is to eat out of comfort.”

For more information on Ageless Center Medical Weight Loss and Medspa, call (606) 330-0002.