November 17, 2010

Dogs could hurt children in subdivision

Letter to the editor

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — To the editor:

(Recently) my cat died at the animal hospital, because dogs are able to run loose in the area — three dogs, two of them without a dog tag one. The other has a tag which was stolen from around my dog’s neck and placed on the third. I called the dog pound, when I learned there is no dog tag required in Laurel County. If so, why did I have to pay for one on my dog? They said they couldn’t do anything unless I was able to catch the dogs, and then call the animal warden to come get them. I called Noah Baker, the magistrate for my area, and never received an encouraging word.

There are several children who live in my neighborhood, and what if a pack of dogs such as these three attack a child, and end up killing the child. Packs of dogs have been known to attack humans, who is to say it won’t happen?

I live in the Cornett Subdivision area, and feel something could happen that will shock the entire community. The authorities will say they never saw it coming but, this letter will prove them wrong.

J. Phillips