October 18, 2010

Remember how tax dollars spent when voting Nov. 2

Letter to the editor

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — To the editor:

I have collected, logged and photographed buildings and documents of this county for many years now. Laurel County history is a personal passion for me and I’ve ranted privately for many years over the tearing down of old buildings, but this is just too much! The tearing down of these old homes on Broad Street for a parking lot is the most senseless act of tearing down I’ve ever seen.

There are numerous parking lots within walking distance, including the multi-million dollar parking facility that was built just a few short years ago. Why not take the same money spent on this property and build the levels that were originally planned for that one? Money was wasted there! A perfectly good parking lot was removed to build a parking garage that would house less parking than what was originally there. Am I the only one who has noticed this?

And for anyone that is wondering who is responsible? More than one article in The Sentinel-Echo reports that it’s the fiscal court. Who is behind the buying of these old homes for a parking lot? Who voted to spend nearly a million dollars of our tax dollars for this? The Laurel County Fiscal Court! Who is that, you say?

Lawrence Kuhl, Judge-Executive

Noah Baker, Magistrate

Tom Baker, Magistrate

Jeff Book, Magistrate

David Bruner, Magistrate

Roy Crawford, Magistrate

David Westerfield, Magistrate as listed on

I hope everyone will remember how our tax dollars are being spent when it’s time to vote this year.

Mrs. Jamie Grimes