December 8, 2010

Looking for a miracle on Broad Street


LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Dear Editor,

If you, Citizens of Laurel County, haven’t attended a meeting about the impending demolition of the Pennington House, then you don’t know the complicated situation.

If you, Citizen, haven’t talked to your magistrate or city council member and let them know you want the house to remain, then you shouldn’t be surprised when it is gone.

Although the Project Development Board is responsible for making the property purchases, the city and county governments can get involved in developing a solution if they know how many of the people of London and Laurel County want to keep this building in the community.

Many people, city and county residents,   want to find a solution.  If you want to see progress and preservation go hand in hand in downtown revitalization, SPEAK UP.  Get involved. Each day we either clear another hurdle or meet a new challenge.  Action now, before your next edition of the newspaper arrives can make a difference.

Over a hundred people have attended a meeting, signed the petition, called me or another person active in this negotiation.  Thank you to the Laurel County Historical Society for hosting the Nov. 18 meeting. Do you want more information? First express your desire to see the house saved, then call your local government representatives.

Stop by the London Downtown/Community Center offices and sign a petition for saving the house if you haven’t already done so.  Please consider a donation in the near future to the Pennington House Trust which is being set up as a non-profit organization.  

This structure still has a useful life.  The property also has the advantage of already qualifying for National Trust for Historic Preservation funding and tax credits for qualifying work on the house.  Many towns and cities make multi-purpose facilities of such “historic” buildings, adding to the tourism appeal of their downtowns.  We will study those projects, looking for the most cost efficient and best use of the Pennington House, if it is not demolished.

“We” are citizens working with London Downtown toward a compromise that MAY lead to a future for the Pennington House and A Miracle on Broad Street.

Donna Horn-Taylor