October 11, 2010

Progress has cost London its history

Letter to the editor

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — To the editor:

Tara Kaprowy is to be congratulated. I realize she is a relative newcomer to London, but sometimes it takes a concerned new eye to point out to all of us just what we are losing. A 120-year-old house, still standing, and not an eyesore, is to be torn down.

In the 61 years I have been a resident of London, the city has changed. It has grown, improved and made progress but in making progress we have lost most of our tangible past history. Do we have to have a parking lot take the place of something that has stood for 120 years of London’s passing history?

A free parking lot is just a few blocks from the old Pennington house. There were just 14 cars parked in the free lot on Monday past, around 3 p.m. Do we want to say, “Oh, I remember that parking lot once was where the 120-year-old Pennington house stood?”

Jo Ann Griffin