October 4, 2010

Another World Chicken Festival flies the coup

Letter to the editor

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — To the editor:

This chick has flown the coup.  

Another year of the World Chicken Festival experience. It was a good one — and really, it always is. We complain about the smells, the smoke, the crowds, the parking, the carnies — but deep down, there is something extraordinary about this very ordinary, commonplace festival.

So many old friends and family wander in from out of town, most of them unwilling to admit they actually drove in for the event. It’s a country-fried reunion; we all come home to eat, hang out, listen to music and “people watch.” Coming back to our roots, we pay homage to the rich heritage of our upbringing. This small town quite is simple and some would even dare say unrefined, yet I think if we were all honest, we would say we find this place to be naturally charming, eccentric, artistic and strangely interesting, a place that’s worth coming home to.

Atlas, the WCF has wisped its fancy feathers down our sticky streets, as we’ve greased our chops to those funky chicken beats.

We will patiently await your return, Mr. Sanders, luring strangers and proverbial friends, alike.

A Happy Chick Fest to all and to all ... a good night.

Amanda Heuser