January 2, 2014

Vandalism strikes at Christmas

Police seeking information on vandals

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — A rash of vandalism plagued Laurel County Sheriff’s officials on Christmas night, with more than 30 reports received from all over the county.

Two incidents occurred earlier in the week, although numerous calls were received by Laurel Dispatch on Wednesday night, with calls and the investigations continuing into Thursday morning.

The vandalism involved broken vehicle and home windows as well as several destroyed mailboxes.   Vehicles were damaged with bricks and landscaping timbers, while a home was damaged by rocks, bricks and a shovel.

Mailboxes were reported damaged throughout the county, with calls coming in from the east Ky. 80 area as well as Tom Cat Trail, Sibert Lane, and Ky. 830 and into the Ky. 229 area of Ky. 1189 and Golden Eagle.

Damages to mailboxes were also reported in the Lily community of Lily Road, Robinson Creek Road, and in the Keavy area of Earl Howard Road. Other areas with reports of damaged mailboxes included Reed Valley off Ky. 192, and Old Union Springs Church Road off Ky. 1006.

The suspects involved in the vandalism were reportedly driving a tan van, but other vehicles also may be involved.

Sheriff John Root is asking for the public’s help in locating the vandals responsible for the damages to homes and property of Laurel residents. Anyone with surveillance video, photos, descriptions of other vehicles involved, or knowledge of the vandals’ identity is urged to contact the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office at (606) 864-6600 or (606) 878-7000.

Some evidence has been collected at the scenes of the crimes and Deputies Shawn Boroviak, Shane Rice, and John Inman and Sgt. Brett Reeves all have active cases open and are following up on all leads in the cases. Det. Charlie Loomis is also assisting in the investigations.

Callers with information can remain anonymous.