March 26, 2013

Sheriff warns of vehicle break-ins

Asks citizens to remove valuables from car

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — While keeping the people of the county safe from harm is the primary concern of Laurel County Sheriff John Root, he is also concerned about keeping the belongings and property of residents safe as well.

With a rash of break-ins of vehicles, especially in the south Laurel area, Root has stepped up patrols by his deputies in areas prone to thefts. American Greeting Card Road is one area where deputies will be patrolling after at least three vehicles were broken into on Sunday night.

Deputies answered calls along the southern Laurel community after the break-ins, in which the windows of the locked vehicles were broken in order for the thieves to gain access to items inside.

To help protect property from thefts, Root urges the public to lock their vehicles and take any valuables inside at night. It is believed the thieves are focusing on vehicles where they can see possible valuable items inside.

Another way to protect your vehicle is by taking advantage of lighting around your home and parking your vehicle in an area that is well lit. Motion detector lights can help even more, and are relatively inexpensive to buy and install.

Deputies will continue their patrols in the county, observing for any more potential thefts and to protect the property of the citizens. Any thieves will face legal charges.  Residents who notice any suspicious activity is urged to contact the sheriff’s office at (606) 864-6600. After regular office hours, calls go to Laurel Dispatch, which can be accessed by calling (606) 878-7000.