September 9, 2013

City to lower taxes, not raise them

By Rob McDaniel
Staff Writer


The City of London will not be raising tax rates this year, but rather plans to lower them.  During the first reading of an ordinance setting the 2013 - 2014 motor vehicle and watercraft property tax rate and the 2013 - 2014 property tax rate, the council revealed that motor vehicle and watercraft tax rates will decrease from .0968 cents to .089 cents on $100 of accessed value and property tax will decrease from .090 to .089 on every $100.

“This is great news for everyone,” said City Council Member, Nancy Vaughn.  “I think that we could all use a break in taxes right now.”

This is the first change in tax rates in more than four years; the last rate change was in 2009 when rates were lowered due to the economic difficulities people were facing.

“This is great news,” said Bobby Joe Parman, a member of the London City Council.  “Our first reading of the ordinance lowering taxes passed, which kind of surprised me since I’ve heard that the schools are talking about a raise in taxes for additional funding.”

Parman was referencing a paid advertisement that the Laurel County Board of Education placed in the Sentinel-Echo that announced the board would be holding a public hearing at 5 p.m. on Sept. 18, at the Laurel County Board of Education Central Office Board Room, to discuss a proposed general tax levy of 48.8 cents on personal real property and 48.8 cents on personal property.

The London City Council also heard first readings of two ordinances regarding the rezoning of property in London.  The first ordinance sought to rezone property owned by James Robert Connor and Mary Louise Connor, located at 605 Whitley St., London.  The second ordinance sought to rezone property owned by Mary Louise Connor, located at 611 Whitley Street, London.

Additionally approved by the council:

• Approved a resolution for a culvert replacement project on Ky 1006.

• Approve two quitclaim deeds - right of way on county extension road

• Approved advertising for pipe for Whitley Branch