September 26, 2013

One small dog, one big miracle

Pet, owners reunited thanks to rescue organization

By Carol Mills
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — A 4-pound, 13-year-old Chihuahua was reunited with his owners on Friday at the duck pond in Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park.

At first the dog, named Bubby, growled and barked at his owners, Sonya and Joe McVey of Rome, Ga., because he was mad at them for losing him. After several minutes he calmed down and became more sociable.

Bubby had been missing since August 7 and the owners thought they would never see him again.

“I was staying down here at the end of July and the first part of August because my dad had been put in the hospital,” Sonya McVey said. “I came to stay with my dad and I brought him (Bubby). We left the house for a few minutes and my nephew let him out to go to the bathroom and didn’t let him back in. He wandered off looking for me.”

The McVeys looked everywhere for their dog. They put up flyers, but still never found him. Sonya eventually had to go back home to Georgia.

“That’s the worse thing I had ever done was leaving without him,” Sonya said. “My sister continued to look for him and talked to people that came into the store where she worked (Kroger in Corbin) and she ran into a lady that knew someone who found a Chihuahua, kept it, and then took it to a shelter.”

She contacted the Whitley/Knox Animal Shelter but they would not release any information about the dog.

“A friend of mine saw him on Christina’s (McCreary) Facebook page, the Kentucky Animals for Adoption, and contacted Christina to let her know he was a missing dog and we had been looking for him,” Sonya recalled. “We’ve had him for 13 years and I know my dog. I sent her pictures and she confirmed it was him.”

Sonya’s youngest daughter, Alexa, is going to be 9 in December and has been raised with the dog.

“She was missing him terribly. She was devastated,” Sonya said.

Christina Corder, a board member and volunteer for Homeward Bound, had been taking care of Bubby for three weeks after she got him from the shelter.

“He’s gained a lot of weight,” Corder said. “He’s a house dog and he was malnourished and exposed to the elements. We were just very fortunate we were able to pull him from the shelter and back into a home environment where he was more comfortable, and reunite him with his family.”

Joe said he thought the dog thought he was left behind.

“I was packing so my daughter and I could go ahead and go back home,” Joe said. “He watched me pack and put our stuff into the car and when we left, my wife and her father had to go somewhere. I think he thought we had left him. He wandered off to find his way home.”

“He’s blind in his left eye, too, so he got all confused and turned around,” Sonya said. “He almost lost his eye because another dog attacked him and bit him.”

McCreary and Corder gave the McVeys a $100 gas card for their trip back home and the McVeys gave the ladies a bag of pet supplies for all their help.

“You all have been awesome,” Sonya told McCreary and Corder. “This is for your next rescue.”