January 17, 2014

Rudder praises schools’ recycling efforts

By Rob McDaniel
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — The Laurel County Board of Education was recognized Monday night for the district’s cooperation with the City of London recycling program.

The district partnered with the city in an initiative to increase and encourage recycling, as well as to raise awareness about recycling.

“Starting in 2008, we wanted to do something with recycling and the schools,” London Mayor Troy Rudder said.

He said the city of London was dumping 39 tons of garbage at a total cost of $975,000 not including fuel, personnel and equipment. 

“Last year, we collected 41,717 tons of garbage in the city, but we recycled 21,447 tons which was sold for a savings of $750,000 in dumping fees. Plus we sold $450,000 of recyclable material, so we saved $1.2 million.”

Rudder reported that in 2013, Laurel County Schools collected 307,000 pounds of garbage, including 154 tons of paper and plastic

“Think about that and how much we were actually able to take out of the dump because (this) garbage didn’t go in the dumps,” he continued.

The district was recently enrolled in the Nestle Recycle Bowl National competition, a national recycling competition.  Winners of the competition won’t be announced until February, but Mayor Rudder wanted the district to celebrate their achievement.

The contest took place from October 21 to November 12.  In the three weeks, all schools combined recycled more than 30,000 pounds of trash

In third place, with an average of 5.23 pounds per person (students, teachers and staff), Johnson Elementary was awarded with a certificate and a check for $200.  Second place, with an average of 6.69 points per person, went to Keavy Elementary, which was awarded a certificate and a check for $300.  First place, with an average of 10.268 per person, went to Wyan-Pine Grove Elementary; they were awarded with a certificate and a check for $500.

For the quarter, which ran from October through December, Laurel County schools received $2,100 through the recycling program.

“Thank you for what you’ve allowed us to do in your schools and let’s keep this partnership going,”  Rudder stated.