December 3, 2013

City Tourism Commission holds first meeting

By Rob McDaniel
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — The London Tourism Commission held their first meeting Wednesday morning.

The informal meeting began with a welcome message from London Mayor Troy Rudder.

“I want to thank each of you for your acceptance of your new positions,” Rudder said.  “I want to let you all know what we’re doing here is in no way a knock against the existing county tourism commission. In fact, I want to continue our strong relationship with them.  But the city has a lot of tourism-related events and it’s time that we take control of our future.”

Rudder continued by suggesting to the newly formed board they build a strong relationship with the London-Laurel County Tourist Commission.

“I suggest and hope to see you work with them. They’ve always been good to us and have done a great job bringing tourism to Laurel County,” Rudder said.  “I hope that you all will get with them and see about having a joint meeting maybe every quarter.  The more of us working together and sharing ideas, the better it will be for our community.”

The commission elected Jason Handy as their chairman.  Handy accepted the position and expressed he was looking forward to working with both the new and existing commissions to bring new tourism events to Laurel County.

The commission members are:

• Representing the City of London, Bill Dezarn will serve a three-year term and Sharon Cornelius will serve a two-year term;

• Representing the Chamber of Commerce, Troy House will serve a one-year term;

• Representing hotels in the city, Holly Little will serve a two-year term, Mackie Williams will serve a three-year term and Jason Handy will serve a one-year term; and

• Representing restaurants in the city, Judy Barnett will serve a one-year term.

The commission is expected to have another meeting prior to Christmas, however the date has not yet been set.