July 9, 2013

Weather hampers record-breaking honey bun eating attempt

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — It wasn’t a record-breaking event, but it was a sweet touch for hundreds of people who braved the rain and wind to try and break a world record on Thursday night.

As an addition to the regular Thursday Night Live event in downtown London, hundreds of people huddled under the shelter of Farmer’s Market to simultaneously eat a honey bun at the same time — a feat requiring more than 500 people’s participation to set a new number for the Guinness World Book of Records.

The countdown to the event was more than just eventful. Just as London Downtown executive director Chris Robinson began counting “Three, two, one...,” the skies opened up with rain as nearly 400 people began eating their London-baked honey bun. But even getting wet didn’t deter the dedicated participants.

Robinson said 379 people registered to participate in the event, although the goal was 500.

“The weather was definitely a factor,” Robinson said, “and it was still a great evening. I couldn’t believe all the people who came out in the pouring rain to do this.”

Timing the honey bun eating event with the July 4th Thursday Night Live was an orchestrated effort to bring out people to downtown London as well as to highlight one of London’s own. Flowers Bakery in London donated approximately 1,000 honey buns for the record-breaking attempt. Flowers Bakery is the country’s largest producer of honey buns, baking and bagging more than 300,000 per week and distributing them across the nation to retail and grocery stores.

“We are very appreciative of Flowers Bakery,” Robinson said. “We didn’t break the record, but the weather was a definite part of that, and we will attempt this again in the future.”

Robinson also credited Borden’s Dairy, which donated milk for the honey bun eating program.

Overall, Robinson said he was astounded by the number of people who turned out on Thursday night, despite the weather.

“It was a fun event with something that has been a part of London’s economy for decades,” he added. “The committee will be meeting and we will decide on another date real soon.”

Robinson said the next major event for the Thursday Night Live is the downtown music show accented by the 60th birthday bash of Bob’s Ready to Wear on July 25. Sneaky Pete, a local band formed in 1978 who recently reunited, will headline the musical show.