July 18, 2013

Texas woman creates disturbance at motel

Swims nude in pool

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer


It wasn’t the typical motel swimming pool setting that sent Laurel County deputies to Fairfield Inn on Sunday.

What Deputies Larry Parrott, Mikey Ashurst, and Tyler Morris did find was a completely nude woman outside in the motel’s picnic area, tearing the screens from the poolside windows. 

Verbal warnings by the deputies for the woman to stop were met with the woman attempting to run away, although threats that she could be tased caused her to stop and raised her hands. While deputies believed she was complying with their commands, she surprised them by turning and jumping into the motel swimming pool and began floating on her back and was unresponsive.

Thinking quickly, Deputy Parrot grabbed a rescue pole and pulled the woman to the side, where the other two deputies assisted him in pulling the woman from the water. The woman, later identified as Christa Laurel Sloan of 4229 Springs Dr. in San Antonio, Texas, was treated at the scene and transported to Baptist Health Corbin.

The strange actions by the woman witnessed by the deputies were just part of a string of odd behaviors that had occurred during the woman’s stay at the motel. Through an investigation, the deputies learned Sloan had checked into the motel earlier that day and had left an iron on in her room, placing it on top of some plastic and starting a small fire. The woman then threw tables, chairs, artificial trees and other items into the swimming pool. 

No drugs or alcohol were found among her belongings. No charges have been filed at this time.

Assisting at the scene were Ambulance Inc. of Laurel County, the London-Laurel County Rescue Squad, and West Knox Volunteer Fire Department.