July 24, 2013

Market vendors make fast friends

Offers place to sell goods and meet new people

By Rob McDaniel
Staff Writer


The Laurel-London Farmers Market serves as a great way for local farmers to sell the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor.  For more than a decade, local farmers have gathered at the farmers market to provide the community with some of the freshest produce in the area, but to some people it’s more than just a market. 

To the farmers that frequently sell produce at the market at the corner of Main and Dixie streets, it’s also a place where friendships are born and where they can meet people with similar likes and interests.

Glenn Calebs, 88, of London, is a World War II veteran and has been farming for as long as he can remember.  To Calebs, the farmers market is the only means he has of selling his produce, but he says the benefits of having the market go far beyond making money.

“It’s a great thing,” Calebs said.  “I appreciate the people that suggested it.  It keeps the money at home and it really helps local farmers.  I thoroughly enjoy coming here, I’ve made a lot of really great friends and have met some good people.”

Calebs continued by saying he had begun several friendships with people he had met at the farmers market over the past decade. 

He enjoys that three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, he is able to spend time with like-minded people that enjoy farming and hard work as much as he does.

Tharon Miller and his father, James, both of Corbin, shared in Calebs’ sentiment.

Tharon Miller, whom has been selling fresh blueberries along with homemade blueberry jam at the farmers market for the last three years, said he enjoys the market because it’s time he gets to spend with his father.

“The best part of the farmers market is that my father and I get to spend time together and we get to meet the people of London,” Miller said.  “We not only get to meet customers but also farmers. It’s great because most likely, if it wasn’t for the farmers market, we would never get to meet these great people.”  

The farmers truly appreciate their patrons and are excited to meet new people. 

The farmers market is open from 7 a.m. until noon, or while supplies last, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from May through October.