December 6, 2012

Baby trader mom pleads, faces misdemeanor charges

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Receiving credit for the time already served in jail, the woman accused of trading her newborn chlld for a 10-year--old pickup truck will be released from jail this week.

Heather Ann Kaminsky, 31, entered a guilty plea in Laurel Circuit Court on Tuesday morning to the two-count indictment in which she allegedly gave her infant son to a Corbin couple in exchange for a pickup truck.

Kaminsky plead guilty to Count 2 of the indictment for possession of a methamphetamine precursor. On that charge, she received a three-year sentence, which was probated for three years.

She also plead guilty to an amended charge of endangering the welfare of a minor and was recommended to serve 140 days in jail on that charge. She was originally charged with prohibited act of adoption, which is a felony charge. The endangering charge is a Class A misdemeanor.

London attorney Conrad Cessna represented Kaminsky in the case and said he was pleased with the outcome of Tuesday’s plea.

“When Heather first came to me to represent her, she assured me that the charge regarding her son was not all that it was seeming to be,” Cessna said. “I’m very pleased to resolve this as a misdemeanor. The primary reason that she left the child with someone else was to establish a father for the child.”

Cessna added that Kaminsky’s pregnancy with the child was the result of a rape and that no father was listed on the birth certificate. By leaving the baby with some childhood friends, Kaminsky was establishing that male role model figure, he added.

“By pleading this down to a misdemeanor, Heather has the opportunity to work with Social Services on the return of her child, which was our goal from the beginning,” Cessna continued. “We’re happy to have the problem resolved, which will allow Heather to be released from jail and get her life back on track.”

As of Tuesday, Kaminsky has already served 138 days of the 140 day sentence, which would result in her release from jail on Dec. 6.

Kaminsky was arrested on July 26 in Florida and brought back to Laurel County to face charges on allegedly giving her newborn son to another couple  in exchange for a pickup truck, which she sold soon thereafter.

Information received by the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office prompted the investigation into the incident on July 2 and resulted in the arrests of the couple who had been caring for Kaminsky’s child. That couple was arrested and charged with human trafficking, but were not indicted by a Laurel grand jury. The couple have three other children and stated they wanted to get on with their lives after they were not charged by the grand jury.