April 30, 2013

Three teachers to be honored at Campbellsville University

By Magen McCrarey
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Three Laurel County teachers are to receive a distinguished honor on May 11 at Campbellsville University.  

Kelly Marcum of North Laurel Middle, Angela Hayes of the McDaniel Learning Center and Penny Wagers of Johnson Elementary have been chosen to receive Campbellsville University’s Excellence in Teaching Award (EIT).

More than 2,000 teachers across Kentucky have been honored since the program’s beginning. The EIT awards program began in 1987 with a purpose of recognizing quality teachers with a purpose to encourage learning. Teachers are selected by their district and honored in each grade level from pre-K to high school.

“Being a teacher is touching the future. I think as a teacher, I have the responsibility to assist each student reach their full potential academically, build their confidence, and encourage them to do and be the best they can be,” Wagers said.

She stated that it has always been her belief that being a teacher has always been her purpose in life.  She attributes her support to her husband and family, who, “Always understand when I have ‘one more thing to do for my kids at school’,” she added.

As for Hayes, she’s taught mathematics in Laurel County for 14 consecutive years.  She loves teaching, if not only for the opportunity to help students learn, it’s to be a positive influence on the lives of many students she has the chance to meet each year.  At the McDaniel Learning Center, students pick up where they’ve left off in high school to obtain their diploma for a future in higher education or a better paying job.  Because math is Haye’s forte, she has been able to better help students who find it the last burdensome conquest to graduation.

“Many students get to the high school level and have such a deep hatred of mathematics; Once I get them to realize that math is not this dreaded subject, they stop shutting down,” Hayes said.  “By building up confidence, they really do become more successful.  There is no greater reward than seeing that “I got it!” look of comprehension on their faces.”

Marcum attributes her success to her students and colleagues, who have helped her become the educator that she is today. The honor of being chosen for the award was truly unexpected, she said.

“My students continually challenge me to find creative instructional strategies and my colleagues provide support and encouragement.  I promise to continue my efforts to foster caring, independent students and be the best teacher I can,” Marcum said.

Campbellsville University hails teaching as the profession that creates all others.  For more information visit