September 17, 2013

Parents, students take tours of new construction at North Laurel Middle

'New' Home of the Jaguars

By Rob McDaniel
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Over the summer, numerous changes were made to North Laurel Middle School.  Students who returned to the school last month could hardly recognize it, and the school is often referred to as a “new school.”

Parents will get an opportunity to visit the newly renovated school this week, as tours for students and their families are open on Monday (today, for seventh grade) and Thursday (eighth grade) from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.  Sixth graders toured last week.

Among the changes, the entrance has been redesigned to control who is able to enter the school.  The newly installed security vestibules make it necessary for visitors to check in with the front office before they have access to the school.  This change adds to the safety and security for students and staff members.

The front lobby also received a major facelift, transforming the location into an open, well-lit entry that leaves a strong first impression on students and visitors alike.  As a person enters the school, they know they’re in the Home of the Jaguars.

In addition, the library has been completely transformed into a Media Center filled with computers and other forms of technology.  It still has the look and feel of a traditional library, but it is now well-lit and offers students the opportunity to use rapidly advancing technology as a means to grow and learn.