October 21, 2013

New Laurel districts: Re-districting causes confusion with voters

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer


The mandatory re-districting of both magisterial and representative districts has caused confusion among many Laurel Countians.

The legislative re-districting is especially mind-boggling, as this year’s appropriations splits Laurel County into even more representative areas.

Laurel County Clerk Dean Johnson recently issued documents to assist Laurel Countians who might question who currently represents them in the state legislature as well as in the local magisterial districts.

“People are confused with the re-districting, especially the magistrate districts,” Johnson said. “The biggest change is the state legislative districts, but people are confused about who their magistrate is with the changes.”

With the new plan, part of the Laurel districts are being placed in the 90th representative district, that formerly included only Clay, Leslie and Harlan counties. Tim Couch is the current representative, but the re-districting places nine Laurel voting precincts in that district, including four of the London precincts.

After the recent re-districting, the new legislative districts and their respective precincts are:

State Representative District 82 - Felts, Keavy, Level Green, South Laurel and Springcut; currently represented by Regina Bunch.

District 85 - Campbell, Cold Hill, Colony, Colony #2, Hart, Hart #2, independence, Liberty, Liberty #2, London #5, Rockhouse, and Sublimity #2; currently represented by Tommy Turner.

District 86 - Campground, Fariston, Fariston #2, Lily, London East, McHargue, Rough Creek, Rough Creek #2, Stansberry, and Sublimity; currently represented by Jim Stewart III.

District 89 - Crossroads, East Bernstadt #1, East Bernstadt #2, London #6, London #7, Maplesville, Oakley, Pittsburg, and Viva; currently represented by Marie Rader.

District 90 - Blackwater, Bush, Johnson, Lake, London #1, London #2, London #3, London #4, and McWhorter; currently represented by Tim Couch.

Magistrates and their respective districts are:

Magistrate District 1 - Campground, London #3, London East, McHargue, Rough Creek, Stansberry, Sublimity and Sublimity #2;  currently held by Roy Crawford.

Magistrate District 2 - Fariston, Fariston #2, Felts, Lily, Rough Creek #2, and Springcut; represented by Danny Smith.

Magistrate District 3 - Blackwater, Bush, Johnson, Lake, London #1, London #2, Maplesville, and McWhorter; represented by Teddy Benge.

Magistrate District 4 - Crossroads, East Bernstadt #1, East Bernstadt #2, Liberty, London #7, Oakley, Pittsburg, and Viva; currently held by Jeff Book.

Magistrate District 5 - Colony, Colony #2, Hart, Hart #2, Liberty #2, London #4, and London #5; represented by Billy Oakley.

Magistrate District 6 - Campbell, Cold Hill, Independence, Keavy, Level Green, Rockcastle, and South Laurel; represented by Noah Baker.