April 9, 2013

Woman crashes into bank drive-thru

Doctor assists at scene

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — There wasn’t a doctor in the house, but there was one crossing the street from Corbin Pediatric Center in Shiloh Landing when she witnessed a freak accident.

Barbara Sizemore, 64, of London, was pulling into Community Trust Bank  drive-thru on west Ky. 80 in her blue Ford Explorer when employees allegedly saw her “slump over” the wheel. Sizemore then accelerated, ripping the air tube from one of the drive-thru lanes off the pole. Sizemore’s vehicle then jumped the curb, ran over two shrubs, before crossing the five-lane drive onto the edge of the vacant Yeager’s Shoe Store parking lot and into the field behind it. The vehicle went into the ditchline and into the embankment.

Dr. Christina Butler saw Sizemore’s Explorer travel across the roadway and through a field, then crash into an embankment.

“I decided just to walk over to Taco Bell for lunch,” Butler said. “I saw the accident and went to help.”

Although Sizemore was unconscious when she was removed from the vehicle and transported to Saint Joseph London, Butler said Sizemore was semi-conscious and talking when she got to the vehicle.

“She said she passed out and asked me to call her daughter,” Butler said. “I asked her if it was okay for me to get into her purse and she said it was.”

London Police Sgt. Matt Moore, who was assisting Officer Mike Holliday at the scene, said the cause of the accident was unknown at this time.

“She could have a medical condition,” Moore said. “We’ve seen every kind of medical condition — heart attack, diabetes, and other things. We just don’t know yet what caused it.”

The investigation into the accident is being continued by London Police Officer Mike Holliday. Assisting at the scene were Ambulance Inc. of Laurel County and London Fire Department.