February 21, 2013

400 attend Rotary’s International Dinner

By Carol Mills
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Smells of an array of different foods whiffled through the London Community Center Saturday night as the London and Corbin Rotary clubs hosted their fifth annual International Dinner.

Around 400 guests sampled authentic foods from around the world.

“It was very successful and a very fun evening,” said Linda Gilreath, president of the London Rotary Club. “The food was great, the music was great.”

Charlotte Kauffman said the food was very good and different — not the same as in the past.

“And, food you normally don’t get at home,” she added.

There was kitfo (ground beef dish) from Ethiopia, spaetzle (dumpling) from Germany, Kung Pao chicken from China, nikujaga (pork and potato dish) from Japan, papas chorreadas (potato and cheese dish) from Columbia, fried rice from India, and much more.

The Swells of Lexington, who are a jazz/country blues/traditional/swing band provided the entertainment.

The mission of the Rotary Foundation is to eradicate polio world-wide and Rotary member Kathryn Hardman gave an update on the progress.

“When the Rotary got involved with polio in the 80s, there were literally hundreds of thousands of cases all over the world,” she stated. “In 2011, there were 650 cases. In 2012, there were 222 cases. This year, so far, there have been two cases in Nigeria.”

India has not had any cases of polio for more than two years.

“That’s significant,” Hardman said. “When you’ve gone three years without a case of polio, they consider the country polio free. For the last several years, we’ve had four countries that still have polio, but right now, we hope India will be taken off the list, leaving us with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

The late Lori Acton, former Laurel County Public Library district director and an active member of the Rotary Club, was recognized.  

Since first serving as director of the Laurel County Public Library in 1985 and overseeing the expansion of the library from a small building on Fourth Street to the first-class facility that the community has utilized since 2004, she had committed her career to a life of public service.

The 2013 Dinner program urged everyone to: “Please read a book to a child in memory of Lori.”