October 1, 2012

Pet abuse sends owner to jail

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Help came for two puppies and five dogs, hungry and diseased,  when their owner was arrested for cruelty to animals.

Without food or water, the animals  at a residence on Earl Howard Road in southern Laurel County were starving to death — an act that sent Animal Control personnel and Laurel County Sheriff’s officials to the residence 11 miles south of London in the Keavy area, on Tuesday evening.

On arrival at the residence, authorities found two dogs with their ribs visibly showing, two dogs without water, and none of the animals had food. The two puppies, which were being kept inside the residence, reportedly had mange and were also without food or water.

The pet owner, 44-year-old Vincent Masur of Earl Howard Road, was arrested and charged with seven counts of second-degree cruelty to animals — one count for each animal that was being mistreated. Masur was lodged in the Laurel County Detention Center.

The dogs were taken from the residence.