April 30, 2013

$21 million for county budget

Court approves first draft for 2013-2014

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — It will take more than $21 million to maintain the county’s needs for the upcoming fiscal year, according to the proposed budget submitted to magistrates last week.

The first reading of Ordinance 222.31 for the  2013-2014 budget was approved unanimously by the Laurel County Fiscal Court during Thursday’s regular monthly meeting.

The budget breaks down county funds into specific areas and departments for a total of $21,113,528.71 to operate for the fiscal year that will run from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.

The proposed budget, which magistrates said will undergo some changes before final approval, is broken down as:

General Fund    $10,488,843.26

Road Fund          $4,141,103.00

Jail Fund          $4,564,401.45

LGEA Fund             $451,650.00

(Local Government Economic Assistance)

Forest Fund                 $5,741.00

Occupational Tax         $409,090.00

LGED Fund             $220,600.00

(Local Government Economic Development)

CSEPP Fund              $500,000.00

Economic Development  $332,100.00

Although the 2013-2014 fiscal year does not begin until July 1, the Laurel County Fiscal Court is being proactive by outlining next year’s budget.

“We try to be a little bit ahead of schedule,” said Laurel County Judge Executive David Westerfield. “We have to have the budget approved and submitted to Frankfort by June 30 of each year.”

In other actions, the fiscal court:

• Approved Westerfield to advertise for bids for a used equipment trailer for the Road Department.

“The new ones are so expensive and there are some used ones out there,” Westerfield told magistrates. “We will have an ad in Monday’s paper for this.”

• Approved re-appointment of Ernest Rudder as Trustee of the Bush Volunteer Fire Department for a three-year term ending on May 27, 2016

• Flooding along Pittsburg Creek was reviewed by Solid Waste and PRIDE Coordinator Jim Ed McDaniel and Rob Miller with the state’s environmental division. McDaniel said several homes retained water during times of heavy rainfall.

“The East Bernstadt (Volunteer) Fire Department even had to go pump water out of one house,” McDaniel said. “We will do a study on the creek to alleviate the water run-off. We expect to start next month on that.”

• Approved KBI Resolution for Roberts Restoration LLC. Westerfield explained that the court had previously approved the resolution for the business as Serv-Pro. However, Westerfield said a name change for the business necessitated that a resolution under the new name.

• Accepted the Laurel County Section 8 Agency Audit for year ending June 30, 2012. Westerfield said the fiscal court did not have to approve the audit, but simply was required to accept it.

• Approved the reduction of a letter of credit bond on Holly Grove Estates. Westerfield said the county had spent $90,000 on rock for the subdivision. Westerfield suggested the county release the bond for the $90,000 in rock and retain it for asphalt for the subdivision located off Level Green Road in the Keavy area.

• Approved accepting Cruise Ferry Road in Magisterial District #4.

• Approved the ordinance for wireless communications facilities for companies wishing to install wireless towers in the county. Deputy County Judge Executive Rick Brewer explained to magistrates that rates would be set at a later time.