July 15, 2013

Bennett receives excellent evaluation

By Rob McDaniel
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — The Laurel County Board of Education recently published their evaluation of Superintendent Dr. Doug Bennett’s performance as superintendent during the 2012-2013 school year.

Bennett was evaluated on several standards; each category is based on a scale of zero to four; zero being unacceptable and four being outstanding.  The standards included:

Bennett received an excellent rating in leadership and district culture, which evaluated his performance in leadership, helping shape school culture and climate, and understanding multicultural and ethnic differences.  

 In policy and governance, Bennett received an excellent rating.  This standard evaluates Bennett’s ability to work with the Board of Education to plan and create district policy, and Bennett’s ability to demonstrate good school governance to staff, students and the community.

 Communications and community relations evaluates Bennett’s ability to communicate with students, staff, parents, and the Laurel County community as a whole.  It also evaluates Bennett’s ability to respond to community feedback.  He received an excellent rating in this category.

Organizational management evaluates Bennett’s ability to gather and analyze data for decision-making and for making recommendations to the Board and to effectively allocate resources.  Bennett received an outstanding rating in this category.

 Bennett received an excellent rating in curriculum planning development; this standard evaluates his ability to stay up-to-date in curriculum, teaching, learning and testing theories.

 Instructional leadership addresses what is to be taught; this standard helps the board evaluate Bennett’s ability to ensure that the most effective teaching techniques are in place and that all instructional resources are used to maximize student achievement. Bennett received an excellent rating in this category.

Bennett was rated excellent in human resources management.  This standard evaluated his ability to develop and implement a staff performance evaluation system.  It also requires skills in applying ethical, contractual and legal requirements for personnel selection, development, retention, promotion and dismissal.

Bennett was rated outstanding in values and ethics of leadership.  This standard requires superintendents to exhibit multicultural and ethnic understanding as well as providing human services to help students grow and develop as caring, informed citizens.

 He also received an outstanding in student achievement and learning.  This standard requires that the superintendent take responsibility for district oversight of student learning.

The final category, labor relations requires Bennett to provide technical advice to the Board of Education during labor negotiation, to keep the Board apprised of negotiation status, to understand and effectively administer negotiated labor contracts, and to keep abreast of legislative changes affecting the collective bargaining process.  He received an excellent rating in this category.