July 25, 2013

Day Treatment receives outstanding audit

By Rob McDaniel
Staff Writer


The Laurel County Board of Education met Monday night.  During the night's meeting, the board recognized Greg Huff, principal of the Day Treatment School, for an outstanding audit from the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Day Treatment was evaluated by the Department of Juvenile Justice in 303 categories, scoring a perfect 100 percent on the audit.

"When I took this job, it was like taking over the Yankees," Huff said.  "Everything already worked perfectly, it was such a well oiled machine.  I felt like my job was to just not mess it up."

Of the 107 students at the Day Treatment, 56 of them are court-ordered to be there.  

Upon the beginning of the year, 82 of the 107 students tested below their grade level in reading.  By the end of the year, 20 students, nearly one quarter of the student population, tested at or above the reading level for their age.

In addition to improving the reading ability of their students, Day Treatment offers students several opportunities for personal development.  They are required to participate in character education classes, participate in two hour-long group counseling and receive individual counseling as needed or requested.

Perhaps more impressive is there was not one single incident of violence during the year.  There were no fights the entire year.

Day Treatment works off of a reward system.  If the students behave and participate in classes and counseling as is expected of them, they receive a reward at the end of the month.  The students get things like cookouts, cornhole tournaments and had two very special rewards this year:  a trip to watch "Stomp" at the Eastern Kentucky University Center for the Arts and a trip to Mammoth Cave.

The treatment program was highly praised during the Monday night meeting, being hailed as a "glowing example of how these programs should work" by Dr. Doug Bennett, Laurel County superintendent.

Other business discussed at the board meeting:

• Recommended approval to revise the grading policy, which placed students in kindergarten through third grade students on the same letter grading scale as high school and middle school students.

• Recommended approval of Memorandum of Understanding with Unite Service Corps of Operation Unite for the 2013-2014 school year.

• Recommended approval of Memorandum of Agreement with Cumberland River Comprehensive Care Center for the 2013-2014 school year.

• Recommend approval of Full Utilization Agreement with Kentucky River Foothills Head Start and KCEOC Head Start for the 2013-2014 school year

• Recommend approval of Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Agreement for the 2013-2014 school year.