September 4, 2012

Grandfather says couple used him for money

Baby left at his home as two partied in the area

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Besides the trauma of the death of an infant child at his residence, London resident Johnny Reed feels betrayed and hurt by the actions of his grandson and his girlfriend.

Reed is the grandfather of 32-year-old Johnathon Haynes, who was arrested last Monday after his girlfriend’s 10-week-old child died while in the care of Reed and Haynes’ brother, Ryan Bundy.

Haynes was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, license to be in possession, and parole violation. 29-year-old Rachel Kilburn, mother of the child, was charged with abandonment of a minor child.

The complicated twist of events leading to their arrests came after a 9-1-1 call from Reed’s residence on Somerset Road around 10 p.m. The caller reported a 10-week-old infant child, Kaitlyn Turner, was found dead at the residence, two miles west of London.

Reed said the couple asked if they could leave the infant and Kilburn’s two-year-old son with them so they could go to a Tennessee hospital. Kilburn’s seven-year-old son was reportedly there in critical condition following a motorcycle accident.

The couple then asked Reed for money, stating Kilburn needed $1,500 for her son’s medical treatment.

“Johnathon brought me a note, written on a piece of cardboard, saying that Rachel needed $1,500,” Reed said. “I gave them an extra $100 to get food while they were there. They made it sound like the little boy was dying. She said he’d broken both legs and ankles, his kneecaps and had a concussion.”

Reed said he told the couple he would look after the two-year-old, but, that at 75 years old himself, he was not able to care for the newborn baby.

“My grandson (Bundy) took care of the baby,” he said. “Every time she’d cry, he’d go get her. He changed her diapers, fed her and did all he could for her.”

On Monday morning, Reed said Haynes came back home, asking for another $1,000 for his girlfriend and her child, and Reed gave the couple more money. Again, Haynes brought a handwritten note from Kilburn, stating that she and her husband, from whom she was estranged, would repay Reed for his financial help.

The couple did not return home after receiving the additional money, and Reed said he believed the couple was in Tennessee with the seven-year-old until he heard of their arrests later that day.

Following their arrests, authorities found this information was completely untrue and the two had allegedly been partying in the area since the Saturday prior.

“It hurt me badly when I found out they used me,” Reed said.

Reed said Haynes and Bundy are the sons of his only child, a daughter who is now in jail in another part of Kentucky. Haynes, he said, came to live with him in mid-January.

“He had nowhere else to go,” he said.

Reed said he was extremely saddened by the death of the infant child, although he believes Bundy cared for the baby as best he could. The night the child died, Reed said his grandson kept checking on the child.

“Ryan (Bundy) went to the bathroom and when he came out, I told him I was going to try and get the two-year-old to lay down,” Reed said. “He went to check on the baby and came out holding it, saying it wasn’t breathing. I tried to do the artificial breathing on it, but it’s body was cold. I don’t know if it’s because the baby had been dead a long time or because he had the fan on in the room to keep it cool.”

No charges have been filed against Reed or Bundy.

Reed said he had been in contact with the baby’s father, who said he held no ill feelings toward Reed or Bundy in the infant’s death.

“He said there were no hard feelings and I told him I’d like to know when they put the baby to rest,” Reed said. “I think they (Turners) are trying to get (custody) of the two-year-old. The seven-year-old (lives) with his dad.”