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March 18, 2013

Heart doctor settles

Medical Licensure Board to inspect all patient records

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — One of the 11 doctors accused of performing unnecessary heart procedures in a slew of lawsuits against a London hospital made an agreement with the Kentucky Medical Licensure Board recently.

Rather than face hearings and/or penalties that could be as severe as revoking his license to practice medicine, Dr. Sandesh R. (Sam) Patil agreed to strict supervision of his medical procedures for the next five years.

Through the agreed order, Patil was required to enroll in and complete the Documentation Seminar at the Center for Personalized Education for Physicians and the CPEP Personalized Implementation Program. Both of these programs are to be paid by Patil. He must also provide documentation to the Kentucky Medical Licensure Board that he completed the two programs.

Additionally, Patil agreed to conduct a history and physical evaluation on each patient prior to performing any procedure and document in the patient records that it meets Medicare standards before doing any procedures. An exception is if the patient requires emergency treatment, which allows Patil to document the procedure after the emergency.

He must also abide by the guidelines of standard cardiology and coronary revascularization procedures and can only perform invasive procedures when a stress test has been completed by another cardiologist. As part of the agreed order, Patil will also allow medical licensure board members to inspect and obtain patient records for review and will reimburse the medical board for the costs incurred in this process. Failure to pay the board for their costs within 30 days of the procedure will violate the terms of the agreed order. Patil must also pay $6,906.25 for the costs of the investigation on the complaint against  him.  Any violations of the terms of the agreement could result in the issuance of an Emergency Order of Suspension or Restriction and could result in additional disciplinary action, including revoking Patil’s license to practice medicine.

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