May 7, 2013

Alabama fugitive captured

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — An Alabama fugitive was captured in Laurel County on Thursday night and now awaits extradition to answer escape charges.

When Laurel County Sheriff’s officials received information that 43-year-old Terry Meyers was in the Laurel County area, they immediately assembled their SRU (Special Response Unit) and went in search of the man wanted in Alabama for first-degree strong arm escape. Meyers, who lists a Rockholds, Ky. address, allegedly escaped from Florence Alabama Detention Center where he was serving a two-year sentence on felony theft charges.

The SRU units began observation and reviewing information and confirming information concerning Meyers’ whereabouts. Around 11 p.m. Thursday, Meyers was located inside his mother’s home, hiding in the closet. Due to the potential danger, the SRU unit members used a FLIR (forward looking infrared), which picks up the heat signature put off by a person’s body.

Meyers was charged with numerous local warrants, the felony escape warrant, and resisting arrest.

The SRU detail was commanded by Capt. Rodney Van Zant. Assisting in the arrest were Deputy James Sizemore and the London Fire Department with the FLIR unit.

Meyers is held in the Laurel County Detention Center and waived extradition to Alabama during his arraignment on Friday morning in Laurel District Court.