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December 2, 2013

GED program changes lives: Free study and testing weekend starts Dec. 6

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — With the Dec. 31 deadline looming closer and closer, Laurel County Adult Education and Literacy (LCAEL) is giving test takers a crash course in all things GED by having the London center host a GED Extreme Weekend for a final time Dec. 6-8.

The event gives those willing a chance to study and test all in a single weekend. This is especially important when considering the GED will be converting to a new format in January, leaving those who have not finished the test with nothing more than expired scores.

“There are 380 adults in Laurel County who took the current test, have good scores, and just need to finish,” said Kathryn Hardman, director of LCAEL. “Those students have until Dec. 18 to make those scores count. After that, scores from past tests, for those who have not finished, will no longer be valid.”

The GED Extreme Weekend has proven to be quite successful for many local students. Dozens have been able to complete their testing and score quite well through these crash course events. The program primarily helps students focus on one or two subjects on Friday and Saturday before partially testing on Sunday. The following weekend, the process is repeated and the examination is completed. LCAEL provides food and drink throughout the weekend, making sure everyone’s number one priority is studying and testing.

“Just make sure you bring energy drinks; they’ll take care of the rest,” said Rod Collins of London, who recently took part in the program. “It’s a very stress-free environment.”

Collins, 40, is living proof of what the GED Extreme Weekend can do. Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Collins fell on hard times when several General Motors plants folded. He moved to London as a result, but found the London factory industry lacking in opportunity. After seeing an ad for adult education and the GED Extreme Weekend in The Sentinel-Echo, Collins made his move and earned his GED this past May and July.

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