October 29, 2012

Public golf course does not reopen Tuesday as planned

Crooked Creek remains closed

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Although previously announced that it would reopen early this week, a popular golf course remains closed.

Crooked Creek Golf Course was reportedly set to reopen on Tuesday, five days after its owner, Mike Nami, told manager Ron Roberts to close the facility. However, some members were notified on Sunday the golf course would not reopen as planned on Tuesday.

Course Manager Ron Roberts confirmed on Wednesday afternoon the facility would remain closed. He added he had been told not to make any statements concerning Crooked Creek to the media and would not give any specifics regarding the recently-made public golf course’s fate.

Nami purchased Crooked Creek in 2006 and immediately began renovations, upgrades and expansions to the facility located just off Ky. 229. But the downed economic spiral took its toll on the golfing community and the facility was closed in 2009. Nami said then that he was willing to sell the golf club since he had little experience or dealings with that type of business. Roberts said last week the facility had a potential buyer, but no details on either the buyer or the fate of the business could be confirmed.

“I can tell you that we are closed, and that’s about all,” Roberts said.

Attempts to reach Nami were unsuccessful.