October 17, 2013

Three arrested in motel drug party

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer


What might have been a “good time” took a turn for the worse after a call about some possible drug activity at an area motel.

Although the motel remains unnamed, Laurel County Sheriff’s officials investigated the complaint where it was believed that some drug activity was taking place.

Deputies Mikey Ashurst and Tyler Morris went to the motel and observed a man walking out of the room in question. The man, according to the press release from the sheriff’s office, appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Michael Sproles, 34, of London, was charged with public intoxication of controlled substances.

The continuing investigation revealed two other persons inside the room, apparently listening to a police scanner, as well as some burned spoons and clear baggies.

A background check showed all three individuals were wanted from other counties, and all three were taken into custody. Sproles was wanted in Knox County. Estill Harris, 28, also of London, was wanted in Clay County, and 34-year-old Kristin Young of Louisville was wanted in Jefferson County.