September 4, 2012

Mother allegedly abandons child to party

Infant dies in care of boyfriend’s family

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — A 10-week-old baby girl died of unknown causes on Monday night and its mother is now charged with abandoning the child having allegedly gone out to party with her boyfriend.

Rachel Kilburn, 29, who lists an address of Cutshin, Ky., is charged with abandonment of a minor child, a Class D felony. She is accused of leaving her infant child with her boyfriend’s brother, who was not experienced in caring for a newborn child.

Kilburn’s boyfriend, 32-year-old Johnathon Haynes, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, license to be in possession, and parole violation.

Their arrests came Monday night after Kilburn’s infant child died at a residence on Somerset Road where Kilburn had left the child on Saturday. The residence was the home of Johnny Reed, Haynes’ grandfather, and was also the place where Kilburn and Haynes had been living for several months.

A 9-1-1 call around 10 p.m. sent police and emergency workers to the Somerset Road residence, two miles west of London, after Haynes’ brother, Ryan Bundy, discovered the infant child not breathing. Although the residents and emergency workers attempted to revive the child, their efforts were unsuccessful.

An investigation revealed the infant child had been left with Haynes’ elderly grandfather and with Haynes’ brother on Saturday morning. Haynes and Kilburn reportedly had to go to Tennessee to see Kilburn’s seven-year-old son, whom they said had been critically injured in a motorcycle accident. However, authorities later stated this information was completely untrue and the couple allegedly had been partying in the area since then.

After the baby’s death, Haynes and Kilburn were driving to the London hospital when they were arrested.

The child’s body was taken to Frankfort for an autopsy. No reports were available at press time, although Laurel County Sheriff’s Detective Charlie Loomis said no charges have been filed against Reed or Bundy who was caring for the child at the time of its death.

In a brief interview at the Laurel County Detention Center on Wednesday, Kilburn said she and Haynes did not abandon the child.

“Parents need a break sometimes,” she said, denying that she and Haynes were partying over the weekend. “We took good care of our kids.”

Kilburn said Haynes was not the father of the infant child, but he had taken care of her while she was pregnant and since the birth of the baby. Although her identification lists her address as Dot Dot Lane in Cutshin, Kilburn said she had lived in the London area since February. She declined making any further comments regarding the death of her child and her arrest.

Loomis and Detective Stacy Anderkin are continuing the investigation into the child’s death.