July 29, 2013

NL, SL swim teams will host triathlon as fundraiser

By Rob McDaniel
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — North Laurel and South Laurel high school swim teams will be hosting the CatBird Triathlon fundraiser Saturday, August 24 at the Crooked Creek Golf Club. 

Amy Stenger, North Laurel’s swim coach, said the triathlon will help pay for training facilities, transportation, swim suits, warm-ups and any other gear that the teams need.

“Right now, we are almost fully funded by our swimmers,” Stenger said.  “The school system pays the coach’s salaries and that’s all.  We pay for our practice facility, which is out of the county.  It’s Laurel County’s policy to transport students out of county on a bus, so we have to pay for transportation to practice and meets.  We also have to pay for entry fees.”

The triathlon will help both schools offset some of the financial burden.

Sarah Wilder, coach for South Laurel’s swim team, said when Stenger approached her with the idea of doing a triathlon as a fundraiser she was instantly on board.

“I’d mentioned doing a joint 5K back during our season,” Wilder said.  “Races are getting bigger, the mud runs, the color runs, even zombie runs now, but triathlons are still not all that common around here.”

The triathlon is open to anyone. Early registration is $30 and any registration after Aug. 15 is $35.  Participants 60-years-old and older will only have to pay a $20 entry fee.  Those who register before Aug. 15, will receive a free T-shirt the day of the triathlon.

The participant’s age will determine the distance they will have to travel in each part of the race. 

• Children ages 12 and under will swim 100 yards, cycle one mile and run a half-mile. 

• Participants between 13 and 18 will swim 200 yards, cycle two miles and run one mile.

• Participants between the ages of 19 and 59 will swim 300 yards, cycle 10 miles and run three miles.

• Participants 60 years old and above will swim 200 yards, cycle two miles and run one mile.

“Compared to official triathlon races, our distances, even in the open category, are shorter than sprint triathlons,” Wilder said.  “We met with some people who have done triathlons before, and talked about it, and then also looked at maps of the Crooked Creek area, and looked at roads available when planning the distances. Collectively, we did plan this part of it together.”

All proceeds from the fundraising event will be split between North and South Laurel high school swim teams.  For more information on the CatBird Triathlon, contact Sarah Wilder at or Amy Stenger at 606-389-0808.