August 9, 2013

Rob Terry, Rockstar Spud descend on London Saturday night with OVW

Terry scheduled to face Jamin Olivencia for OVW title

By Denis House
Sports Editor

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — When Ohio Valley Wrestling returns to the Optimist Club on Saturday, you could say the best of both worlds will be on display in the form of Rockstar Spud and Rob “The Freak” Terry. Spud represents the little man, standing only 5-4, while Terry is over a foot taller at 6-5, which towers over most of the other wrestlers in OVW.

A genetically gifted freak

Rob Terry has always been big. He was a big child that grew into the 6-5, 300 pounder who graces both the OVW and TNA rings. His size has earned him the nickname “The Freak.”

“I’m one of the most genetically gifted guys around,” Terry said. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who would argue that point.

Growing up in Swansea, Wales, Terry was a huge wrestling fan. But he had to go to a friend’s house to watch the sport on television.

“My parents weren’t the sporty type of people,” Terry said. “So we didn’t get the sports channels on our TV. We got the movie channels instead. I would never get to watch it at home.” Luckily for him, he had friends who watched wrestling, so he would go to their house and watch programs that would sometimes come on in the early morning hours. “That’s how dedicated I was,” Terry said.

Terry said that he always wanted to be a wrestler; he just didn’t know how to get into it.

“I was a big guy with a good look, but I never got the chance to showcase myself,” Terry said. He would go to the American wrestling shows when they came to the United Kingdom, but still failed to catch the eye of any of the promotions.

So he turned his sights to bodybuilding, where he became quite successful, winning several titles as a natural bodybuilder, including Mr. Wales, Mr. Junior Britain and Mr. Britain. He finally was able to go to three or four wrestling seminars that he said were “really bad.”

Winning the bodybuilding titles were a stepping stone to becoming a wrestler. A scout saw him at one of his shows and asked him if he ever thought about getting into wrestling.

“My jaw dropped,” Terry said. “At the time I didn’t think it was sincere, but soon I was sent to WWE developmental for a year. After I was let go I signed with TNA.”

When he first made his appearance in TNA, he was a member of “The British Invasion” stable which included Magnus and Doug Williams. Terry would later break from them before being assigned to OVW.

“Being sent to OVW was the best thing that has happened to my career,” Terry said.  “I wish I knew about them when I was in the UK. I would have jumped at the chance to come here. OVW is the place to be if you are seriously interested in becoming a wrestler.”

He has been wrestling for 4 1/2 years and during that time have been cheered and booed. He said he likes hearing the cheers of the fans.

“I always enjoy meeting the fans,” Terry said. “The last time I was in London I wrestled Jason Wayne and the fans were awesome. I don’t know who I will be wrestling this time, but I hope all the fans come out and see us.”

Terry now has his sights set on the OVW heavyweight title. He is just biding his time until the moment is right. He beat Jay Bradley to become the number one contender to the belt, but lost his match to champion Jamin Olivencia. But he won’t let that loss be a setback to his ultimate goal.

“I’ll be coming back for that title,” Terry said. “I just want to excel and do the best I can in wrestling and keep getting better and better.”

Spud is proving that size doesn’t mean everything

When you think of professional wrestlers, larger than life characters are usually the first thing that comes to mind. Not someone who stands 5-4 and weighs 130.

But Rockstar Spud is determined not to let his small stature stand in his way to stardom inside the squared circle.

Spud was born James Michael Curtin in Birmingham, West Midlands, England, and has been wrestling for 12 years for such promotions as SAS Wrestling, Frontier Wrestling Alliance and Triple X Wrestling. He would win titles wherever he competed, and soon gained the eye of TNA, who signed him and assigned him to OVW, its official developmental territory.

“I moved over here from the UK and have been in OVW since March,” Spud said. “In 2012 I made a couple of appearances at TNA house shows in Portugal and was a contestant on their British Boot Camp show, which I won.” He would then make his TNA debut in February where during an interview segment he was attacked by Robbie E and Robbie T. He would then make his in-ring debut a couple of weeks later by beating Robbie E on an episode of Impact Wrestling.

In his first OVW he defeated Cliff Compton to win the OVW television title, making him the first man to win the title in his debut match. During his 12 years in the ring he has been both loved and hated by the fans, much like his idol, Hulk Hogan.

“I was a fan growing up and it was Hulk Hogan who drew me into wrestling,” Spud said.

He said being on the road with TNA has been a great experience and he is constantly learning things. And when he does get the call up to TNA, he wants to be ready.

“I want to win the X Division title,” Spud said. “I want to be a star. I think that I have the personality and charisma to become one. I want to be the person that everybody wants to buy tickets to see.” He would also love to face Bully Ray in the ring.

“He’s such an awesome performer,” he said of the former TNA champ. “Right now, I’m just really enjoying things.”