October 4, 2013

Model rolls over South Laurel, 10-0

By Denis House
Sports Editor

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Five first half goals by Andrew Wylie was enough to propel visiting Richmond Model to a 10-0 win over South Laurel Tuesday night in boys’ soccer action.

“We were completely unorganized in the first half,” South Laurel coach Amber Hensley said. “They had several give and go passes right around us.”

Wylie scored his first goal .50 seconds into the match. He added two goals in the 14th minute and two more in the 36th minute as the Patriots (13-1-0) led 9-0 at the break.

Noah Valencia added three goals of his own in the first half in the 9th, 24th and 29th minutes as the Patriots seemed to be able to score with ease. It would be his goal in the 68th minute that ended the game 10-0 with the Mercy Rule.

Valencia’s first goal came in the 9th minute when he was there to collect a ball that banged off the post on a shot from Wylie to make it 3-0. Taylor Gentry had scored in the 5th minute on a blast from 30 yards outs.

After Wylie scored twice within the span of a minute, Valencia dribbled through the South Laurel defense to add another goal and make it 6-0 in the 24th minute. He followed a miss by Gentry to score again in the 29th minute, then Wylie scored twice to give Model a 9-0 halftime advantage.

The Cards did have a couple of good chances, mostly by Rivers Adkins, but failed to produce any goals.

“I told them before the game that they move from left to right and right to left,” Hensley said. “They still caught us on our heels every time.”

The Cardinals were scheduled to travel to Madison Southern Wednesdsay night then host Lincoln County on Saturday.