April 29, 2013

Snyder, Martin to compete in archery at the University of the Cumberlands

By Denis House
Sports Editor

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Korey Snyder and Dylan Martin signed last Thursday to compete in archery at the University of the Cumberlands. While both have been shooting for many years, neither ever expected the sport to lead them to doing it in college.

“I didn’t think it would be possible,” Snyder said. “At least not close to home. I thought it might be but I would have to travel to some far off college.”

“It never really crossed my mind,” Martin said. “I didn’t think it would get as big as it is.”

Archery has become a fast growing sport, both on the high school and collegiate level. While South Laurel has had a club team for a few years, this past season was the first time that the Kentucky High School Athletic Association recognized it as a sport and held a state tournament.

It’s the same on the collegiate level, as Cumberlands just recently started a program of its own.

“We are lucky enough to sign both Korey and Dylan,” Cumberlands coach Kris Strebeck said. “I’ve known both of them for a few years and I am really excited to get these two. It’s a good day for the University of the Cumberlands and South Laurel.”

Snyder began archery while in the fourth grade, when there was just one archery team that combined both South Laurel and North Laurel. Martin started during his freshmen year at South.

“I choose Cumberlands because it is a really good school and I like the people and the coach,” Snyder said. “And there are several people from South that went there and really enjoyed it.”

“I like it because it is close to home,” Martin said. “There are smaller classrooms and I have a lot of friends there which will make it more comfortable.”