May 13, 2013

North, South fail to qualify for state track meet

By Denis House
Sports Editor

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — SOMERSET—For the first time in several years, no athlete from North Laurel or South Laurel qualified for this week’s KHSAA state track and field meet.

The Class 3A, Region 7 meet was held Thursday evening at Southwestern Pulaski High School, with South Laurel finishing eighth and North Laurel 10th in the girls’ team standings, while in the boys, North Laurel tied for seventh and South Laurel finished in 10th.

In the girls’ field events, Sierra Hedrick (NL) finished in seventh in the high jump with South Laurel’s Dominique Buck taking ninth. Brittany Williams (SL) tied for fifth in the pole vault and Morgan Napier (NL), took eighth.

In the long jump, Logan Joyce of South Laurel placed fourth, Joslyn Berhold (SL), 10th, Morgan Napier (NL), 13th, and Haley Brock (NL), 14th.

Shay Dugger (SL) placed ninth in the triple jump, while in the shot put, Kathleen Kovach (SL) came in seventh, Allie Cain (NL), eighth, Morgan Todd (NL), 13th, and Madison Gaines (SL), 14th. In the discus, Cain came in fourth, Kovach, sixth, Todd, seventh, and Gaines, 17th.

In boys’ field events, Gabe Fuson (SL) took seventh in the high jump. In the pole vault, Isaiah Calloway (NL) came in 11th and Logan Frost (SL), 12th. Austin Hayes (SL) took eighth in the long jump with Ben Barnes (NL) placing 12th. Barnes came in fifth in the triple jump.

In the shot put, Jake McFadden (NL) took fourth and Taylor Cain (NL), 16th and Christopher Angel (SL), 17th. The discus had Cain taking 14th and Evan Calvert (NL), 15th.

In girls’ running events, Logan Joyce (SL) came in fourth in the 400, while in the 800, Holly House (NL) took eighth, McKenzie Gaines (SL), 11th, and Sarah Mandviwala (SL), 12th. The 1600 saw Alyssa Hamilton (SL) place fifth, Laurence Beliveau (SL), 10th, and Gabi Collier (NL), 12th. In the 3200, Hamilton came in third.

Haley Brock (NL) finished eighth in the 100 hurdles, while in the 300 hurdles, she finished sixth. In the 4x100 relay, North Laurel came in seventh and South Laurel, eighth. In the 4x200 relay, South Laurel placed seventh, while in the 4x400 relay, North Laurel came in fifth and South Laurel, sixth, In the 4x800 relay, South Laurel placed fourth.

Boys’ running events saw Austin Hayes (SL) take fifth in the 100 meters, while in the 200, Hayes came in sixth. In the 800, Gabe Fuson (SL) came in sixth, Tanner Hoskins (SL), 12th, and Winston Benge (NL), 16th. The 1600 saw Garrison Burchell (NL) come in fifth, Jonathan Hampton (SL), 13th, and Justin Phelps (SL), 14th. Burchell came in seventh in the 3200 with Daniel Poston (SL) placing 12th.

In the 110 hurdles, Thomas Melton (NL) came in fourth and he came in eighth in the 300 hurdles. In the 4x100 relay, South Laurel placed seventh and North Laurel, eighth. In the 4x200, South Laurel came in sixth, In the 4x400, North Laurel took fifth and South Laurel, eighth, while in the 4x800, South Laurel came in sixth.

Girls’ Team Standings

1. Madison Central, 174.50; 2. Southwestern, 88; 3. Pulaski County, 67; 4. George Rogers Clark, 59; 5. Montgomery County, 51; 6. Lincoln County, 42; 7. Whitley County, 26; 8. South Laurel, 23.50; 9. Clay County, 20; 10. North Laurel, 6.

Boys’ Team Standings

1. Pulaski County, 191; 2. Madison Central, 171; 3. Southwestern, 51; 4. George Rogers Clark, 44; 5. Lincoln County, 30; 5. Whitley County, 30; 7. North Laurel, 14; 7. Montgomery County, 14; 9. Clay County, 8; 10. South Laurel, 5.