August 21, 2013

World premiere

Regency Cinema 8 screened “The Gridiron Is Calling,” a short film by Megan Prewitt on the upcoming North Laurel football season

By Denis House
Sports Editor

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — A lot of high school football teams have videos made of them.

Not many have those videos premiere at an actual movie theater.

But that’s what happened Sunday at Regency Cinema 8, when “The Gridiron Is Calling,” a preview of the upcoming North Laurel Jaguar football season, was shown to almost 200 people.

“It was awesome,” North Laurel football coach Chris Larkey said after the 12 minute movie finished. “We had a good turnout, a lot of people were here supporting us.”

The video was the brainchild of Megan Prewitt, a North Laurel alum who spent almost 30 hours filming, editing and producing the movie.

“I went to three practices, one of them at midnight, and spent about eight hours filming,” Prewitt said. “Then with editing and everything else I guess it was close to 30 hours total. Time just seemed to fly by when I was doing it. I would sit down to do editing and look up and hours had just flown by.”

Prewitt had a couple of reasons for doing this video. One, of course, is her love of anything Jaguar, as she played tennis and volleyball while at North Laurel and she wanted to help promote the football team. The second was with the hope that this video would help her land a job at Eastern Kentucky University.

“I am starting grad school (for occupational therapy) on Monday,” Prewitt said. On that same day she was going to use this video as part of an interview with the university for a job in the admissions office as a graduate assistant, producing media that will used to recruit students and promote EKU. By Monday afternoon she found out that she got the job.

As the movie goers filed out of the theater, comments such as “great” and “we wanted to see more” was heard. The movie was a rousing success. Coach Larkey made the comment that if a full length movie of North Laurel football was ever made he wanted Brad Pitt to play him.

Afterwards, Prewitt took orders from those who wanted to purchase the video. She was hoping to sell enough to cover the cost of production. Meanwhile, the North Laurel football team gathered in front of the movie poster to pose for photos. Yes, an actual movie poster hung on the wall outside of Regency Cinema 8 along side “The Wolverine” and “We’re The Millers.”

“I would like to thank (Regency Cinema 8) owner Mike Hensley for allowing us to show this film here,” Larkey said. Prewitt also wanted to thank Hensley. “It’s good for the local community to do this for us.”