Lexington Clinic on Fifth Street will shut its doors at the end of June, with pediatrician Dr. Barry Williams moving to the clinic’s Andover location and family practitioner Dr. Shelley Stanko opening up her own practice in London.

Williams and Stanko were the only two remaining physicians at the clinic, which formerly housed several doctors.

In a letter to patients, Chief Executive Officer Andrew H. Henderson wrote he regretted the clinic was closing.

“We want you to know that the decision to take this action is one we assessed thoroughly and one where we spent two years searching for an alternative,” he stated.

Henderson said they were unable to do so for two reasons.

“Over the past several years, many of our London-based physicians left our team, for a variety of personal reasons, making the economics of operating this practice unworkable,” he claimed.

Henderson added efforts to recruit doctors to the area were unsuccessful.

The loss of Williams has had several parents mourning. Though he only practiced in London for the past three years, he quickly gained a reputation for his rapport with children.

He was so influential he was included in The Sentinel-Echo’s Progress Edition last year, which featured people who made a difference in Laurel County.

“I think he’s awesome,” parent Debbie Parsons said at the time. “I have referred several people to him.”

Williams was particularly interested in helping Laurel County fight childhood obesity, and was an active member of the Healthy Communities Task Force.

Stanko, who is a native of the area, is transitioning to her own practice, which will open in August. Her new office will be located at 175 City Hill Drive.

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