September 20, 2013

On The Rebound: Better get that Apple update

By Mitch Howard
Sports Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — It isn’t odd that my children wanted to go to McDonald’s for supper.

It was a little odd that they wanted to go inside. It is usually a zip through the drive through while they tell me to stop getting impatient because the person in front of us thinks the employee inside can see which Value Meal they are pointing to outside. Then there is the moment when I panic after sitting in line for 10 minutes no one is sure what they want.

Going inside sounded like a good idea to me.

When they only wanted drinks and fries, I thought man I saved some money tonight. I wanted El Dorado and instead we get is value drinks, French fries, and share a 10 piece nugget.  I should have smelled a set up. When we ran out of food, they wanted cookies. When they ran out of cookies they wanted more cookies.

I knew McDonald’s had free internet and I also knew middle school kids are attached to their cell phones like an unweaned calf. What I didn’t know was that Apple had sent out an update for Iphones and Ipads that owners left of these electronics walking through town like zombies seeking WiFi. When I waited at the counter for the second round of cookies, I noticed another kid I knew. I told him what my girls had conned me into doing. Turns out he was there for the same reason. And as I looked back over the tables behind me there were several more people pecking away on phones and tablets that I presumed were doing the same.

When I got home I saw people on Facebook discussing how it had taken eight hours to get their update. People texted me complaining about the update. My children saw pictures people had posted using the updated software and they were devastated. And they hated me for leaving McDonald’s before the eight hours they needed for the update.

It’s a little scary how connected we are to our electronics. I do not use an Iphone or an IPad. If someone would give me one I would be glad to use it, but last time I checked they weren’t free. I do own an Ipod, which is mostly used for music when I am running. I have been known to not run because my Ipod is dead.  Guess I’m a little hooked too.

Of course this column is being written on a laptop computer while I lay in bed watching Sportscenter on a 55-inch television. I could probably write something better if I turned off the television.

But electronic are not all bad. If I had to write this on a typewriter I would have given up a long time ago.

I still like books to be books. I still like to feel a newspaper n my hand and smell the ink. I’m still linked to the old days enough that I sometimes sit next to an old wooden record player and listen to Johnny Cash. But the times are a changing and I will catch up about the time they change again.

If I you ever see me sitting anywhere eight hours waiting for a device to update, come check my pulse because chances are this old man has expired.