May 22, 2014

Moore to Like: New kid on the block looking forward to Laurel opportunity

By Mike Moore
Managing Editor

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — Tradition.

Tradition can mean many things to different people.

For those of us who are sports fans, tradition might mean the success or failure of our favorite teams.

For those of in the business world, tradition can mean the bottom line which pads the old wallet.

For a community-based newspaper, tradition should mean its commitment to the community the paper serves.

After interviewing for the editor’s position at The Sentinel-Echo, I was immediately sold on its tradition of being the community voice of Laurel County.

Willie Sawyers — the paper’s publisher — and I were talking during the interview process, and I discovered we both seem to share a similar philosophy when it comes to the newspaper business.

The paper should be a voice of its community, but it also should be a leader in its community.

Unlike the larger metropolitan papers, which have a broader focus, a community paper should be community-minded.

That, in itself, has many meanings.

News — whether it’s an early-morning fire, a game report on the sports page or feature story on someone who has a special talent — must be accurate, balanced and fair.

In my experience, I’ve had “run-ins” with folks who believe a “hometown newspaper” should report this or shouldn’t report that.

Unfortunately, not all news is nice, neat and pretty. Sometimes bad things happen and we — your community newspaper — are obligated to report it in the above-mentioned fashion of true, balanced, fair and accurate style.

My goals are simple and achievable.

I believe this newspaper has been and will continue to be both a voice and leader for Laurel County.

Having said that, I must say that I am excited to become the new editor of The Sentinel-Echo.

Though I am new to this newspaper, I am familiar with the Laurel County area.

Most of my family hails from Jackson County, and I spent nearly four years down the I-75 working at Corbin’s daily paper in the early 2000s. So I have driven through town and covered a few games at North and South Laurel high schools.

I am also an Air Force veteran, having served from 1989 until 1995.

I come to The Sentinel-Echo from The Jessamine Journal in Nicholasville where I enjoyed great personal and professional success.  My family and I are looking forward to many wonderful years in Laurel County as we raise our daughter (and any player(s) to be named later) and grow in this community that we now call home.

I know most people will say I have sizable shoes to fill. In truth, I don’t believe those shoes are mine to fill. Rather, I feel that I must make my own mark.

I like to think that I’m an honest person, who believes in working hard. I demand much out of myself. My priorities are God, family and work, in that order.

Despite what some people think, the newspaper industry is a great and honorable profession. I’m proud to be in this profession, and I’m proud to be the editor of this community newspaper.

In the coming days, I look forward to meeting the good folks of Laurel County. I can be reached at